The First Time I Heard That The Vacuum Flask Could Be Used For Breakfast, Don’t Believe It?

- Apr 14, 2018-

The first time I heard that the vacuum flask could be used for breakfast, don’t believe it?

The mug can cook breakfast. Did you hear about it for the first time? It is true that the current insulation cup has broken through the traditional functions and turned into a convenient and economical cooking appliance. If you don’t believe it, it’s better to witness the miracle together.

  Breakfast is very important for people, one of the long thin secrets.

          For adults, eating breakfast can also help maintain weight. A report of 52 obese women as the survey subjects pointed out that eating breakfast reduces the daily intake of fat and the number of snacks. However, many people who want to lose weight have entered the misconception that breakfast is the way to lose weight.

          It is no longer necessary to say that eating breakfast contributes to the body's nutrition. The influence on learning ability and conduct has also been confirmed in recent years. Some experts pointed out that the examination results of 1,000 Grade 3-6 primary school students indicate that students who eat breakfast have better results than those who do not eat breakfast. And the weight and content of breakfast is also related to academic performance.

          Breakfast is also related to blood cholesterol. Two experiments reported that people who skipped breakfast had higher blood cholesterol than those who ate breakfast. A study of young people aged 9 to 19 points out that eating high fiber breakfasts is lower than non-eating blood cholesterol.

          It was not until today that the flask was functional.

vacuum bottle cook.jpg

1. Preparation

You can prepare all the things the night before to prepare a mug, preferably the kind of large caliber, but it must be very good insulation effect! The best rice before going to bed into the flask, pour some blisters!

2, boil water

The first thing to get up in the morning is to burn the water, and then pour the rice in the flask.

3, porridge

Once the water is boiled, pour it a little into the flask and preheat the rice. Then pour out the water and pour some boiling water into the porridge. Tighten the lid!

4, waiting

If you are in a hurry to work, you can bring a mug and open it in the office. You will find that the combination of rice and boiling water has become porridge. If you enjoy it slowly at home, you can do something else, probably You can eat in 1 hour.

5, ingredients

If you do not like to drink white porridge, you can cook it and add sugar, brown sugar and honey to it. You can also eat it! Super convenient, hot rice porridge, save your stomach!