Teach You An Effective Way To Prevent Bacterial Growth

- Oct 17, 2017-

For example, the most common cleaning cups, in addition to the need for neutral detergent, the scrubbing of things, can not use spikes like steel balls, but to sponge, cloth and other items quietly scrub. Before use, the best first into a small number of hot water, slightly shaking, after a while and then poured out. This can play the role of preheating, can enhance the role of insulation. Of course, the insulation of the insulation, to heat, but also to cold. To install hot water, first warm up, to install ice water, the first pre-cooling.

The cup is not missing in the usual days, so pay attention to the cleaning of the cup to ensure that our health is good. No matter what kind of raw material cup, the use of a long time will occur dust, the demand for cleaning. Of course, each kind of different information of the cup, the demand for different cleaning methods.

In addition, in the absence of the time, the cup can be cleaned, dried, placed in a dry environment. To prevent the insulation cup bacteria breeding or showing the appearance of corrosion.