Office Workers With Rice Raiders

- Oct 17, 2017-

1, the advantages and disadvantages of various lunch boxes PK

Glass containers, including borosilicate glass, glass-ceramic, titanium oxide crystal glass containers, due to microwave penetration performance, physical and chemical properties and stability, high temperature (up to 500 degrees Celsius or even 1000 degrees Celsius), it is appropriate in the microwave Long time to use.

Glass made of ordinary glass, milk bottles, breastfeeding bottles are only suitable for heating in a microwave for a short time, about 3 minutes. If the heating time is long, it is easy to break. Carved glass, tempered glass, crystal glass products, due to uneven thickness of the material, boiled oil food will burst, not suitable for use in the microwave.

2, do not pick the dark lunch box

The use of glass or ceramic for microwave is relatively safer. Whether it is plastic or glass should be selected as a good transparent, color products are mostly joined the color oil or other additives.

3, regular replacement

Plastic boxes, such as frequent heat, by the sunshine, will easily damage the plastic molecules, become fragile aging, it is found that plastic box hardened by the transparent fog, deformation or scratch should be replaced. If re-placed in the microwave oven, will release more harmful substances.

4, do not heat high oil food

Because the boiling point of oil is easy to exceed the heat limit of plastic, and oil, sugar and plasticizers are organic, similar to the solution, so it is best to avoid using plastic box to heat a lot of fat, high sugar food.

5, before use to thoroughly clean

Before first use, wash thoroughly with detergent.