Insulation Cup Tips

- Oct 17, 2017-

1, the new stainless steel insulation cup to buy the process, the water always smell

How can the metal taste be removed?

Stainless steel insulation cup odor is caused by stainless steel plastic accessories and stainless steel internal handling, for high-end brand insulation cup is not there. If the above phenomenon, you can use soda or 95% alcohol soak plastic pieces can be removed for 8 hours.

2, insulation cups into the ice after the lid can not open, and what method to open?

With warm water bubble on it, because the principle of thermal expansion and contraction, you put the ice, the insulation cup gas becomes smaller, making the lid tight, on the contrary, you can warm the water outside the expansion, the lid is loose The Or put a long time can also open! Or take the sun about the sun, let it look easier to open

3, installed hot water can not open, you can put the hot water in the bubble, do not put the pot and then to the fire to burn, a lot of people are using that method of disinfection, but so that the lid of the waterproof The plastic parts of the circle and the lid are discolored. Soak the warm water out after the cup side of the release, with a semi-wet towel wrapped, it is easy to trample (filled with water when the 8 points on the line, too full inside the air will appear too little to open the phenomenon)

4, buy a large capacity of the cup can have a lot of use it, used to install porridge can hold a dozen hours, you can install ice, most of the day will not be capacity, and some pharmaceutical companies to pick the best quality cups to transport drugs , A lot of medicine can only be stored in the case of low temperature. You can soak those easy to ripe items, such as white fungus, raw cereal, mung bean, etc., one or two hours after the things are ripe

5, the cup of tea bubble for a long time there will be tea, red is ugly, do not be afraid to bakery with the boss to a little soda powder, with a few minutes after the bubble is easy to remove, or with vinegar can also Clean tea.