Insulation Cup Principle

- Oct 17, 2017-

Usually by the ceramic or stainless steel with a vacuum layer made of water containers, the top cover, sealed tight, vacuum insulation layer can be installed in the internal water and other liquid to slow down the heat to achieve the purpose of insulation. Insulation cup is developed from the thermos flask, the principle of insulation and the same as the thermos, but people in order to facilitate the bottle made of cups. There are three ways to spread heat: radiation, convection and transmission.

Insulated cups of silver cups can reflect the radiation of hot water, cups and cups of vacuum can block the heat transfer, and not easy to pass the heat of the bottle can prevent heat convection. (Or insulation cup), its walls are made of double glass, and double glass in the middle of the vacuum (vacuum does not heat, that is: by vacuum to the hot water and the outside world, the hot water is not easy to cool).

How to look at the insulation cup quality is good or bad?

First, pick the cup, carefully that the quality of the cup can be bad and manufacturers of production technology, from the cup to the bottom of the cup is not the kind of one is the shape of the formation, the kind of quality the best. There is a kind of welding, although it can also be vacuum treatment, the same will be insulation, but life is not one of the long molding, time for a long time, or fall it will appear to leak, insulation time becomes less, one molding life More than 8 years

Second is the cup is vacuum? This is even more simple, you add water to the inside, after a while, touch the cup cup is the lower half of the cool side, the lid is hot above, that is normal, because the cup vacuum so the outside is not hot, the lid is not vacuum So there will be part of the heat ran out.