How To Quickly And Effectively Remove The Plastic Taste Of Plastic Containers

- Oct 17, 2017-

Many consumers in the purchase of some plastic cups or containers after the cup always feel a little plastic taste, the following several ways you can quickly and effectively remove the plastic odor:

1, milk to taste: first with detergent cleaning, and then into the plastic cup into the two bottles of fresh milk, covered with a lid, shaking, so that every corner of the cup with milk contact, about a minute, the last down Drop the milk and clean the cup.

2, orange peel to taste: first with detergent cleaning, and then put the fresh orange peel, cover the lid, put about 3 to 4 hours rinse clean.

3, with the waste tea in addition to taste There is a smell in the cup, first scrub with waste tea, and then rinse with water, smell that in addition to

4, with salt water for 30 minutes.

5, with charcoal ash or burned plants washed ash.

6, with hot water to open the lid to open a dry air.

7, drop a few drops of lemonade, heating blisters for 2 hours.

If the above methods can not remove the smell of plastic cups, and into the hot water is the cup of a strong irritating smell, consider not to use this cup to drink water, and the glass may be plastic material is not good, Harmful to health, or give it to another cup of more insurance.