Dishes Of Fresh And Heating

- Oct 17, 2017-

1. After the food is cooled and then put in the refrigerator, cooked it, put it in a clean cutlery, place it at room temperature for some time, so that the heat is dissipated, because the hot food suddenly enters the low temperature environment, the condensate will produce Contaminated food. But the placement time should not be too long, or easy to breed bacteria.

2. Classification of fresh meals after cooling, the use of plastic wrap to cover the food, it is best to classify them into the refrigerator, because in low temperature conditions can not completely prevent the growth of pathogenic microorganisms, a variety of pathogenic microorganisms in food Breeding temperature is different, separate storage can avoid cross-contamination.

Special attention is that do not mix cooked food with raw food mixed together, the refrigerator to save the temperature to 0-8 degrees Celsius is appropriate.

3. When heating should be covered with lid heating, in order to prevent excessive evaporation of water, should be covered with lid heating. According to the weight of meals, the general heating can be 3-5 minutes. If the food is not hot, into the microwave and then a little more than two laps.

4. Take lunch box skills After heating the food, let the food in the furnace for a while, stir and then remove, to prevent the container over hot.

5. Do not casually microwave outside the plastic box. Sometimes the hotel will pack the package to the customer, if the box is not marked or no manufacturer's instructions, the food should be transferred in a suitable furnace into the furnace.