Slim Anti-Wolf Bar Coffee Cup Vacuum Cup - Food Grade Stainless Steel

High quality: Made of high quality 304 stainless steel material, good insulation and heat insulation, safe and environmentally friendly, no odor, which is needed in winter and summer to keep your beverage warm or cool. Design: Intelligent digital design on the top of the bottle, high-definition LCD touch screen for instant water temperature display. Let you drink the water that is best for your temperature, anywhere. The lid is lined with a leak-proof lid feature on the rubber lid and airtight to prevent a vacuum seal. Uses: This smart thermos has a capacity of 500ml and is portable and durable. Suitable for travel, outdoor activities, cars, offices, families, schools, picnics, hot yoga, hiking, camping, etc. Long holding time: Keep warm for nearly 6 hours! This smart water cup is perfect for winter and summer, breaking the traditional vacuum cup! Double layer guarantees insulation and improves the quality of your daily life! Best gift: This thermos can store hot water, cold water, coffee, drinks, etc., 6 colors available, suitable for Christmas, birthday gifts or gifts to friends, is a great gift, they will love it!
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Product descrption:

  • 300ml creative anti-wolf stickers thermos slender straight suction vacuum men and women with hand cups, ultra-thin stainless steel thermos, unique design, has become a lot of people.

  • The preferred lid design is very small, just hold the lid, push it forward, press the lid, open the lid

  • Can be used as a gift to friends and family, is a good choice, made of 304 stainless steel, safe and tasteless.

  • The cups are all made of 304 stainless steel, food grade stainless steel with good corrosion resistance. 360 degree inverted without leakage, non-slip plastic cup bottom, protect the top and bottom of the cup table.

  • The lid is made of heat-resistant and impact-resistant PP material that is sterilized, stain-resistant and non-aging. 304 stainless steel inner liner, double-layer internal and external insulation, easy to carry, ready to add moisture to you.


Volum: 300ml


Size: 24.5*4.5cm

Weight: 300g/pcs



Carton size:55.5*34.5*27cm







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